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Data Recovery
Computer and Telephone Cabling
Web Solutions
We can recover files/documents that have been deleted and/or damaged. Even if you thought you would never be able to get them restored, we can restore it!


Our engineers can help you by rescuing the clusters on your hard drive.

Why AMNET Inc.?

We began servicing clients in 1994 and we have gone from strength to strength, building a reputation with customers to be a premier company. The core of AMNET Inc. business was then and has remained, on giving our customers top level service. Our engineers have unparalleled experience on Data recovery and support all platforms and environments.

AMNET Inc. will hold your hand all the way through the recovery process. We can arrange for your computer to be picked up and delivered anywhere within the metropolitan area of our offices.

We have a very diverse customer base from ‘one man and his PC’ to high end corporate but we like to think that whomsoever the customer, whatever the size, they will be treated with the same level of service. Whatever your system, whatever your platform, whatever your network needs we at AMNET INC. are there to help!

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